I’m super pumped, chuffed, and infinitely grateful for this awesome news:

By Crom v1 will be on sale at TCAF this weekend! My excellent friends at Friendship Edition have offered me a slot on their zine shelf for Conan’s advice. They’ve got an amazing array of beautiful zines, smart comics and assorted art objects, prints, stickers, pins, oh my god. I’ve been watching them get ready for weeks now and believe me, it’ll be a booth worth browsing thoroughly. 

So yeah, if you’re in the Toronto area be sure to stop by the reference library to check out all the awesome, because of all the festivals I’ve been to, TCAF is one of the most memorable every year. 

I won’t be at the table myself, sadly, as I am, excitingly, attending the Pop Culture Association of Canada’s 2013 conference (with By Crom!) starting this Thursday. If you’re going to be there I will also have zines on hand, and a stack of free postcards as well - seek me out!

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    I AM SO EXCITED. What a weekend this is gonna be!
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    know now, and be forewarned!
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